EST/WST Convertible Case, Indigo Dyed Hemp

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The Convertible Case is designed to offer all the space you need for a busy day in the city or a mellow morning at the coffee shop. It has a detachable strap with multiple options, allowing you to use the bag as a backpack, shoulder bag, or a standard case. This versatile sleeve fits a 13” laptop in a sleeve lined with 100% waterproof recycled polyester. The top outer pocket features a waterproof tablet sleeve and the lower pocket offers an organizer and room for your charger, cords or other necessities The main compartment features an organizer and plenty of room for additional notebooks and other materials. Simplify your life and carry only your essentials in this compact and sustainably produced convertible case. Made from an organic hemp denim, this bag is friendly for the environment and ethically produced.

Fits a 13” laptop in waterproof protective sleeve
Waterproof pocket for iPad or Tablet
Organizer for charger, phone and other necessities
Organic Hemp Denim
Recycled waterproof lining
Shock-resistant foam


Hemp Denim
Hemp has been cultivated for over 12,000 years, offering a broad collection of environmental benefits that have inspired us to use the fiber extensively throughout our line. In addition to being naturally pest tolerant, the weed grows super fast and survives on rainwater alone. It’s also carbon negative, meaning it sucks greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and enriches the soil through it’s root system. It’s naturally organic and rot resistant, making the fabric super durable, sustainable and long lasting.

Hemp thrives on rainwater and is naturally organic. By choosing this product you’re saving enough water for somebody to drink for a year, avoiding the use of pesticides and contributing to fair wage employment in Nepal.