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At Geographie... 

we understand that PEOPLE make things, Places don't.

All of us are citizens of the world.

Build community locally and globally.

Remember where we came from and look forward to where we're headed.

We take the back roads to wander, wonder and enjoy the journey...thanks for joining us!

cindy matherly



We live modern lives but want to keep many of our traditional values so we source products that are beautiful, functional, versatile and made with longevity in mind. And fun!

We respect artists and their talent. We honor artists, makers and creatives who are working with time-honored skills and products in ways used for hundreds of years.  We celebrate their tireless perseverance and we're pleased to share their talents and wisdom with you. 

At Geographie we have a goal to share joy, make friends, and have these conversations about what makes Geographie special. We strive to help you make your space a bit cozier, a bit brighter! 

Geographie is located at 2879 University Ave in downtown North Park, one of the oldest neighborhoods in beautiful San Diego CA  We're next door to historic North Park Theatre and the oldest restaurant in San Diego, Peking Cafe Chinese Restaurant

We're open 11-6pm Tue-Sat,  Sundays 10-4pm.

closed Mondays (619) 888-5783

contact us: info@geographieshop.com

(619) 888-5783

FB IG social:   @geographieshop.com