Geographie Shop Blog

Whew. We started in late September and now we've finally opened for business. The move from Oregon and setting up shop in San Diego has been quite a fun filled but hard working adventure.  We've opened our doors in time for the holidays and the reception from our wonderful neighborhood in North Park San Diego has been truly a lovely out pouring of support and encouragement. The Thank-Yous are still going out to all our Oregon friends, our new friends here in North Park San Diego and for the continued support from our on-line friends through this move and transition into our new space.

If you're interested in more Images and more information about the process please visit our Facebook page @GeographieShop.com

Thank you my dear family and friends, you are true rock stars! Even flying out to help...you are awe inspiring.


We made it for our soft opening on Small Business Saturday and had a great showing of support for small business.