Sheila Maid Clothes Drying Rack



Sheila Maid Aire Clothes Dryer:

A standard item in every spit and polished British household for over a century.  The Sheila Maid is sturdy and cleverly made:  white painted cast iron rack ends and wood slates are assembled with a pulley system to hang from your ceiling. Beautiful efficiency!  Saves energy, saves your clothes, each time you hang to Aire-dry rather than using your electric/gas dryer.  Don't forget ceiling efficiency since the Sheila Maid uses the heated air trapped at ceiling height and storage when pullyed up into your ceiling... when have you been able to brag about that!

Comes with everything you need to install:  4 wooden rails, 2 white cast iron rack ends, a single pulley, double pulley, cleat hook and a 10m UK manufactured cotton durable rope. 

    • the eco way to dry each day
    • 4 rail Sheila Maid is 15.5" wide X 57" Length  (39.5cm wide) 
    • wooden rails are selected from sustainable resources and kiln-dried, no other additives
    • all cast iron parts are white, including rack ends, pulley & cleat
    Please email for correct shipping cost prior to ordering