Grand Soft Opening of Geographie

Opening a small business is tricky and after much real blood, sweat and tears shed by our crew of dedicated builders, our friends and family members that pitched in to help-- WE ARE OPEN! Officially our soft opening was in November for Small Business Saturday. 

Deciding to open in North Park San Diego was a huge move for us.  Coming recently from Oregon we had a bit of adjusting to do. But the community of North Park has rallied and welcomed us.  They really embrace the idea of shopping small and local. 

The store front has a teeeeeeney tiny front door.  Getting the massive shelving in, long planks of white pine for the floors, and the large vintage cooler placed in the back, well...lets just say maybe there were a few more tears shed!  Our front door was removed and the metal shelves were cut down even more.  The old cooler and large antique glass cabinet just squeezed in to barely fit by a hair!  What seemed like miles of Audio speaker wires were placed and speakers mounted since we needed tunes right away! Enameled Vintage Barn lights were sourced and installed in the ceiling, vintage wash boards nailed into the front of the 1800's cash wrap. Everything got a coat or two of paint including my best friend who flew out from Eugene to help us put this shin dig on! 

Everyday curious community and business neighbors walked by the covered windows of our shop, sometimes getting a peek into our open front door.  So much encouragement was given!

We worked on a logo and branding. It took months. Friends, family my sons and daughter put their two cents in and the name Geographie was finally decided over breakfast at the Mission Restaurant down the street from us. Geographie fit since what we love to do is travel and meet people.  Everywhere no matter where we went in our travels there was a sense of history waiting to be shared, a story to tell, the land and the people inspired us.  We wanted to bring that to our little shop...sharing their stories and putting a person and maker behind each well made product.

And here we are....








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