First Post

A labor of love:

It took two years to find a location for Plume Red to exist. There were months of negotiating to finally sign a lease.  Endless searches for wood flooring, light fixtures, display cases. Painful gutting and remodeling of our future home with all its conduit-spaghetti mess. We installed the white pine wood flooring.  Chose the best grey wall color out of numerous paint color swatches and painted out the 14' teal ceilings and orange columns.  Stripping an old 1940 refrigerator down to its cool metal skin was a nasty stinky job.  Made hard decisions and ordered all the right products, to find many backordered and ready to be delivered after we were to open.  Decided on POS systems and THEN had to learn how to use them!  Ordered signs to be made for exterior or our building.  Had interior store design, logos and branding taken care of thankfully and gratefully with the help of the very talented team of Andy and Cara of ORE Studio.

We have honored our location's gorgeous old brick walls and their 14' ceilings by restoring them to their former glory. 

This was the journey we took to come to this week, our first week of being open for business.


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